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UFO orbs

Multicolored Orbs Snapped in Austria

Dozens of locals witnessed a fleet of multicolored orbs of light in Austria early this month. A couple was able to snap a… more »


Record-Breaking: 232 Teeth Extracted From Indian Teen

For today’s daily dose of WTF, a team of surgeons in Mumbai extracted an astonishing 232 teeth from an Indian teen. And the… more »

News rop

Crop Circle Appears Overnight in South West England Farm

A massive, 400-feet long crop circle allegedly appeared overnight in a wheat field in the county of Dorset, South West England. While a… more »

Mystery UFO2

Ancient Indian Rock Paintings Depicted UFOs and Aliens?

A local archeologist from the state department of Chhattisgarh in India is seeking the help of NASA and the Indian Space Research Organization… more »

News hole 3

Massive Hole Appears Out of Nowhere in Siberia, Mystifies Scientists

Seemingly appearing out of nowhere, a massive, 250-foot crater of an unknown depth was sighted in the Yamal peninsula in Siberia. The crater’s… more »

UFO photo 2

Abnormally High UFO Sightings in Remote Turkish Port City Baffles Local Media

A port in the city of Bordum has been getting a lot of attention from local media for the abnormally high numbers of… more »

News aliens

NASA Predicts Alien Life Discovery Within 20 Years

According to a NASA rep, in 20 years, we just might be able to answer the question, “Is there intelligent life out there?”… more »

News Young Filipino Girl Wakes Up At Her Own Funeral

Filipino Toddler Comes Back From The Dead?

Is it a case of mistaken diagnosis or did a 2 year old Filipino girl really came back from the dead? That’s the… more »

Mystery winged

Winged Devil Caught On Cam Chasing A Deer

Here’s a curious case that’s sure to whet the appetite of paranormal enthusiasts: a short video clip of what looked like a winged… more »

News Area-51-Cammo-Dudes

Tour Bus Drove Straight To Area 51 by Mistake

Tourists in Nevada got an eyeful of Area 51’s restricted area when their tour bus accidentally drove off into the top secret facility.… more »

Mystery UFo1

Sunken UFO in Baltic Sea?

The Baltic Sea made headlines this week after Mars, a cursed warship was uncovered after missing for 450 years. But the warship isn’t… more »

News crop circle

Farmer Demands Compensation From Aliens For Crop Circle Damages

In the remote town of Boskovice in the Czech Republic, a massive, 6,000 square-meter crop circle appeared on a farmer’s field on Saturday,… more »